Orange Beach AL 2011

Here’s a video I made from my condo balcony on a family vacation last week. The video was shot with an iphone 4, lens shift tilt and color correction was done in after effects.



This video is a little dated but it’s really interesting.


Low tech 3d printing


In uber geeky circles 3d printing is all the rage.  This guy, Markus Kayser, is probably the hippest among them.

WIP (work in progress)

I’ve started this blog as a way to showcase my creative work and possibly to create an avenue for others to do the same. I hope to be posting often and eventually I’d like to have a nice database of both technical and creative topics covered.

My first little goal is to find a creative and fun name for this site. To that end I have given myself the challenge of creating a new header image every day (or almost every day) for a month.

While I work, check out this video of UCA’s resident piano virtuoso Neil Rutman perform Raneau’s “Les Cyclopes”. The video was shot this summer by myself and a few student workers. I also did the editing and color correction.