30 Day Header Project Complete!

This project is complete!!! It took me significantly longer than thirty days to produce thirty unique images but I think it was worth it.  Next step is to take a dozen or so of these stills and animating them to create a short demo video.  Stay tuned!


Orange Beach AL 2011

Here’s a video I made from my condo balcony on a family vacation last week. The video was shot with an iphone 4, lens shift tilt and color correction was done in after effects.

Digital Film

I modeled and rendered this while brainstorming for a logo for the UCA Film Department.  We decided it wasn’t right for a logo but I really like the render.

30 headers update

Today I learned a little bit about Cinema 4d’s hair module.  I liked both of these renders so much I figured I’d post them both.  After spending an hour or two with hair I think my first c4d tutorial might be on spline dynamics and how I used them in this render.

July 4th Header

Here’s a work in progress of my header for the 4th of July.  I need to add my page logo but it’s pretty much done.  I used pixlr to do the color correction.  Its an awesome little website especially if your a fan of smart phone apps like instagram.

WIP for 30 headers in 30 days project


30Headersin30days July 4th