“No, You Can’t Pick My Brain” from Forbes


Here is a great article by CEO, consultant, and writer Adrienne Graham.  I think she really nails the feeling a lot of people (consultants but also any freelancer types including artists) have towards they’re work.  I think she may take a pretty hard stance, but as an established and successful CEO and consultant she has every right to.  She is the founder and CEO of Empowering Me! Corporation and CEO of Hues Consulting & Management, Inc.

Read her article, here.


Architectural Animation


Here’s a beautiful architectural animation by Tianyi Zhu.  Great great stuff.



Beeple, (aka Mike Winkelmann) is a motion designer in Wisconsin. He has a great collection of work on his vimeo page but what really sets him apart is his open source philosophy.  If you visit his site you will find tons and tons of designs with project files included!  He even has a project file from an Erykah Badu music video.  Not only are these little files extremely cool but they are a great resource for learning new ways to use Cinema 4d.  Mike is a super talented artist and is definitely someone worth watching.

I really like the idea of open source art.  Which is something I plan on writing about in the near future.

Close and Caring


Here’s a awesome new MTV ident from Sehsucht, a design company in Berlin.  A lot of people don’t give MTV any street cred these days but they are a pretty big client for a lot of talented animators and motion designers. The hair is the big star in this piece. They did a great job of making it look realistically fanciful. Kudos Sehsucht!

MTV “Close and Caring” from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

If that wasn’t awesome enough they included a “making of reel” to show their storyboards and design process.

Mtv Making Of from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.


Great new video by Ducroz


Benjamin Ducroz‘s newest piece explores the big bang.  I think it’s pretty great.

P.S. Apparently Benjamin Ducroz removed this video from his public vimeo page but you can still find it on his personal page.  Hopefully he’ll put it back on vimeo soon.

Low tech 3d printing


In uber geeky circles 3d printing is all the rage.  This guy, Markus Kayser, is probably the hippest among them.

Histories de Bruguera Title Sequence Opening Titles


Sometimes less is more. This opening title sequence is a great example of how using low tech creative solutions can be more effective and interesting than flashy, expensive, time intensive, but ultimately uninspired computer graphics. The sequence was made by No-Domain a fantastic design company based in Barcelona.  Check them out.

The documentary is about a successful Spanish publishing house that produced comic books and pop literature.  I’m not familiar with Bruguera but the film sounds intriguing.

Two great vids


The first video I wanted to link to today insipred my CFAC animation.  It’s called Flux and it was commissioned by the Plato Art Space.  The artists name is Candace Sisman.  She is a very good experimental visual artist and musician.

Next is a great little architectural visualization by Erik Jansson titled WakYak.  The modeling was done on an open source 3d software called Blender.  If you haven’t heard of it you should definitely check it out.